Friday, November 4, 2011

The Razzie Awards

The Golden Raspberry Awards had been around for 30+ years and have been dishing out 'awards' for non-excellence in Hollywood to the best (or in this case, to the worst) of them.

It's about time we have one for our own film industry, don't you think?

The people who keeps making piles and piles of turd should not be un-acknowledged yes? We should 'honor' them for killing our brain cells and also wasting our time and money.

Hence, The Jelek Awards was conceived. We aim to highlight the worst of the worst this year and all the years after that, in hoping that no more turds will be made intentionally or otherwise.

Yes, it might be a bit harsh to do this. Hey, if we can take the crap you put out, you can definitely take the crap we dish out here. Right? A little sense of humor goes a long way...


  1. Interesting to see who who'd turn up to accept the award like halle berry and sandra bullock did...

  2. asrap: i doubt anybody would show up to claim their 'award' :)